Mail_Chimp_Banner[1]Gear up for more excitement with new accessories and firmware update for Action Cam


  • Adrenalin-focused accessories for Sony Action Cam
  • Wrist Mount Strap: for thrills at your fingertips
  • Surfboard Mount: bond with your board and catch the next wave
  • High-Visibility Float: don’t get separated from Action Cam when you’re surfing or kayaking
  • 3-axis Ball Head: capture the action perfectly from any angle
  • Skeleton Frame: for easy, no-fuss tripod mounting 
  • Dog Harness: for a pet’s eye view of the world
  • New firmware update adds super-smooth High Frame Rate recording, underwater shooting mode and ‘beep’ record confirmation


AUCKLAND, 30 April 2013 - Make your next date with the great outdoors even more thrilling. There’s a fresh range of ‘go-anywhere’ accessories and a new firmware update that powers up Action Cam with extra features and an exciting new High Frame Rate mode.

Six new extras offer loads of mounting options for Action Cam, wherever you’re heading. You’ll enjoy even more ways to grab nail-biting Full HD footage, whether you’re biking, surfing, kayaking or tackling that scary crevasse.

The AKA-WM1 Wrist Mount Strap takes hands-free shooting to another level. Fitting snugly onto your wrist with the supplied strap, the mount features a rotating base that lets you click Action Cam to any of 16 angled shooting positions. Perfect for sailboarding, mountain biking or snowboarding, it’s a great way to capture first-person excitement when you’re in the thick of it.


The AKA-SM1 Surfboard Mount bonds securely to the curved contours of your board with four adhesive flaps. For extra security there’s a leash cord to stop Action Cam getting away when that big wave hits full-on. The handy tilt mechanism lets you angle the camera perfectly for dramatic views – whether you’re hanging ten or wiping out.

The AKA-FL1 Float stops Action Cam plummeting into the depths if you drop the camera while swimming, rafting, kite-surfing or kayaking. The float’s high-viz yellow colour makes it easy to spot. Use for handheld shooting with Action Cam inside its waterproof case, or team it with other accessories like the AKA-SM1 Surfboard Mount or AKA-WM1 Wrist Mount.

The ADP-BH1 Ball Head tilts, swivels and rotates smoothly around three axes, giving you ultimate flexibility in positioning Action Cam at just the right angle. Combine with the camera’s supplied waterproof case and adhesive mount – and you’re good to go.

The AKA-SF1 Skeleton Frame is ideal for secure tripod mounting without needing the camera’s supplied waterproof case. Slip Action Cam into the tough, light frame: then you’re all ready to mount Action Camera on any standard photo tripod with a screw-thread mounting. You’ll also enjoy unobstructed access to the camera’s USB, HDMI, and stereo mini jack ports while it’s mounted.

The AKA-DM1 Dog Harness gives your Action Cam videos some real pooch power. Sized for medium- to larger dogs, the lightweight adjustable harness fits comfortably yet securely onto your pet’s back. Then you’re both ready for that run round the park or exhausting game of fetch.


New firmware update for Action Cam

There’s also a new firmware update that powers up Action Cam with extra features and an exciting new High Frame Rate mode.

The firmware update includes PS Recording Mode (1920×1080/60p), which enables users to capture smooth images of fast moving scenes with a higher frame rate of 60p. A new “Water Mode” will also be made available on the Action Cam, which adjusts the camera’s white balance to an optimal setting for underwater shooting. Furthermore, the new “Beep Off” setting gives users the option to turn off audio notifications of key camera functions, such as when recording is enabled or disabled.

In addition, users of the Action Cam HDR-AS15 will get to enjoy PlayMemories Mobile seamless mode change in June 2013. The update will enable users to change from Smart Remote mode to File Transfer mode directly, without having to go through the Action Cam.

The update software is available now at the following link: The operation manual will be made available during the download.

The new range of Action Cam accessories will be available in New Zealand from June 2013


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